7 Rainy Day Books for Spring

'Spring, the most welcome of seasons, comes yet very slowly. The spell of winter is hard to shake off. Catkins seem in no hurry to lengthen, a new shoot pushes through a clod of earth but lingers, reluctant to rise in the cold air. As the days grow longer and the breeze softens, we patiently wait and hope. The stony ground relaxes, the ditches gurgle with the spring rains, and juicy buds swell on the twig. Suddenly comes the surprise of a warm day, and with it the urgent activity of growth. Beneath our feet the ground turns lush, the hedges fatten in a haze of green, and a hungry bee flies past. Nature springs effortlessly into creative action; the birds sing praise in concert.'
All Year Round

All of the books featured are available to buy at Rainy Days Sunny Days shop.

Gerda Muller

My Big Book Of Friendly Animals

Build Your Own Bird House
To make your own bird house just press out the pieces in this book and follow the diagrams. There's a ready-made flock of birds to visit your bird house too.

Which Came First? a book of life-cycles
Freddie McKeown
The Medici Society

Jack and the Beanstalk
Illustrated by Jenny Press, Text by Deborah Cambell-Todd

Seven Little Rabbits
John Becker, illustrated by Barbara Cooney

All Year Round
A Calendar of Celebrations
Ann Druitt, Christine Fynes-Clinton, Marije Rowling

All Year Round is currently unavailable.

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